24 March 2011


Hey everyone! Just wanted to welcome you all to this new blog.

It's still obviously in its very early stages of development, but I will try to get it up and running soon. I just figured out how to map my domain name to this blog and I bought it two weeks ago, so please bare with me. Unfortunately I no longer have Photoshop on my laptop since I had to wipe everything (stupid virus!), so I'm trying to see how I'm gonna make a banner and all sorts of that fun stuff and make it look all pretty.

This blog will consist mostly of make-up and skincare related posts, but I'm sure I'll throw in random entries that don't really relate to either. Also, I probably will not be doing videos for a while because I don't have the proper equipment and software. I'll also remember to take pictures with a proper camera instead of using my iPhone =P For now I will re-post everything that I've posted to my personal LiveJournal. Apart from that, upcoming looks that I will be working on will be the final Robots in Disguise look from the video "Wake Up" and a look for Opening Day!

If you have any suggestions/tips concerning content or whatever else, let me know. I would love to hear what you guys want to see or what you guys think I should improve on.


x nic x


  1. You never did an Opening Day look =(

  2. eeks i know :\ i got distracted with other things. i swear though i will do one featuring the colors my favorite sports teams.