28 March 2011

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System and DDF Revolve 400x

Hey folks! So my first official post isn't actually about make-up (sorry), but rather a review on Olay's new Pro-x Advanced Cleaning System.

This is the first time I've ever purchased a cleaning system like this so I was a little nervous about trying it on my uber sensitive skin. Also, this means that I really don't have much to compare it to since I've never tried Clarisonic or DDF.

The specs:
  • 2-speed rotating system
  • soft-bristle brush head (which is replaceable)
  • water resistant so it can be used in the bath/shower
  • runs on two (2) AA batteries
  • cost is about $30 for the entire system, which includes a sample size tube of the Olay Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser

    *edit after the jump*

So my thoughts: the bristles on the brush head are indeed very soft and it feels good on the skin. Whether you're using it on the faster or slower speed, it never feels abrasive, not even when you're using it with the exfoliating cleanser. The only way that it can feel that way is if you press down and put too much pressure on your face, which I definitely wouldn't suggest no matter how "dirty" your face might feel (side note: if you wear make-up, I would suggest taking it off first before you start washing your face, regardless of whatever cleanser you're using).

The microbeads in the exfoliating cleaner aren't rough on the skin either, but effective enough that it does the job. Even when using your fingers, it never feels like you're rubbing the skin right off your face, unlike other exfoliating cleansers I've come across. It leaves your face feeling soft and there's a tiny bit of a tingly feeling when you wash it all off. The first time I used it though, I had broken out with 2-3 zits on the area around my nose. They weren't bad; they were the kind the never actually turned into full on pimples and ended up just being red bumps that eventually dried out after about a week.

It turned me off slightly to it and I was nervous to try it again a week later. I decided to read up more on it and have found that some people have had the same problem. But most have said that it was one of those situations where "it will be worse before it gets better." That made me feel slightly less disinclined about trying it again, so a week later, I gave it another go. And what do you know?! No zits! My skin actually felt softer than before and definitely much cleaner. The next day, my skin felt refreshed (almost like how I feel after a good facial) and my moisturizer and make-up went on so smoothly. The oiliness in my t-zone also slightly decreased.

Now I know they suggest that you use exfoliating cleanser everyday, but I think there is such a thing as OVER-exfoliating which could definitely lead to more acne breakouts and very dry skin. If you have sensitive skin like myself, I would recommend starting off using it about once a week and if you feel that you need to increase use, gradually do so. If you're not comfortable with exfoliating more than once a week, you can still make use of that brush and use it with your regular facewash. For me, I apply the facewash using either my fingers or my Ecotools Cellulose Sponge ($2.99 for a pack for 3 @ Target - love this!), then gently run the brush over for about 45-60 seconds. Also, the Olay Exfoliating Cleanser is a bit expensive. I haven't purchased the full size tube since the sample ran out and I just use the No.7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator instead and use the brush. Works just the same :)

I haven't found a true downside, but one for sure is the battery compartment! Holy cow, it's so incredibly difficult to pull the cover off (which is that bottom part of the handle). It took a good 5 minutes of wiggling, dancing, praying and crying before I could get the thing off.

The verdict: I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap alternative to Clarisonic. People have said that they don't see enough "dirt" on the bristles after washing, but from personal experience, I actually do see some residue on the bristles after running this over my face (and I always wipe off my foundation before washing). It's definitely reassuring to know that it's doing something, right? Sure it's still obviously not as good as getting a real facial, but it's a quick fix for those who simply can't afford one or for those (like me) who can't ever justify spending close to $200 on a facial cleanser.

I've been seeing a lot of traffic coming into my site via searches and I'm assuming people are looking for a comparison of the Olay Pro-X and DDF Revolve 400x and to be completely honest, there is not much to compare because they are pretty much the same thing! The Olay Pro-X is a replica of the DDF Revolve. While I was at Ulta one day, I played around with the tester and like I said, there is no real difference between the two systems. However, the DDF Revolve is available at a steeper price of about $95 and it's probably due to the fact that it comes with additional buffer heads and I'm sure because of the brand itself because as far as I'm concerned, the only the difference between the two is the name printed on the back of it. The bristles on the brush are identical to the one on the Olay Pro-X too. As far as I know, the Olay one is selling like hotcakes. They were sold out at almost all the pharmacies and stores I went to (got mine at Walgreens), so if you're desperate to try it, DDF is your next "cheaper" alternative to Clarisonic. However, I've never tried the DDF exfoliating cleanser itself so you'll have to try that one at your own risk :)

x nic x


  1. Hi Nicole :) Great first post! Actually the DDF brand brush sells for $95, so the Olay brush is a good cheaper alternative! If you'd like to see my review on the DDF brush, check out my post


    Ishah xx

  2. Ooh thanks for that info! Yeah that's weird that it sells for more. It's exactly the same as Olay, design and everything. Wonder if that was on purpose?

  3. DDF & Olay are both distributed by P&G. It's the same brush, repackaged. =]

  4. Thanks for that info Beth! I figured it had something to do with that.

  5. Thanks you really helped alot! :)