17 April 2014


Yeah, I know. No new posts lately. That's because I do not have a computer right now and I haven't for the last month or so.

I'll get a new one as soon as I can, but there's lots of things going on behind the scenes and in my personal life and it's really not a priority at this point. But don't leave me, I swear I'll be back!

09 April 2014

The following post was taken from my own personal journal. It was inspired by a conversation I had with my mum recently. I don't usually do this, but I thought I'd share it since I feel like we all kind of go through this "phase" at some point (or at multiple points haha).

Enjoy xx

There's a point in your life when you start living for yourself. Everyone reaches that point at a different time. I'm not quite sure if I'm even there yet, but the veil is starting lift a bit. 
It's just so easy to stay here and be comfortable in having a job. Flat-lining isn't necessarily a bad thing because it's still better than what millions of others have. However, it feels selfish to pass up an opportunity to change your life, especially if you have the means and resources to do it. You're always going to feel this imaginary pressure to never make mistakes or take chances. I feel like this is the perfect time to make all the mistakes I can because I know that as I get older, there'll be bigger repercussions and quite possibly, those mistakes aren't only going to massively affect my life, but someone else's.
I know it's difficult to stop trying to please other people. Family and friends have a knack for putting you in a box and when you hear it enough, you actually convince yourself that you belong there. They question your every decision, which if you think about it, is rather insulting. But at some point you have to put your foot down and say, "Okay, I have to think about my own sanity now. I have to stop holding myself responsible for other people's happiness and livelihood."
But yeah, it's hard to just get up and go. I think we're just naturally people-pleasers. There are others that are just trailblazers and those are the people we dream of modeling ourselves after. We can only wish to be that brave from the get-go. But you can get there. Force your way through. There will be lots of crying and self-doubt along the way, I can guarantee it, but sometimes you need to feel all the terrible things in life to properly appreciate the good feelings, to make sure you still feel anything at all. Go ruffle some feathers, shake things up a bit.

I currently do not have a computer at home that's why I haven't been updating all that much. I have a few things that I want to get out, but it's difficult when I don't have a laptop. Updating from my phone or at work is not really ideal. I'm currently shopping for a new laptop so keep checking back :)

24 March 2014

Swatch | Illamasqua Maneater

In the shade.

Direct sunlight.
Okay, so I know I said the Topshop Lip Crayon in Royal was my favorite red lipstick EVAR, but I might've spoken way too soon because Illamasqua's Maneater is just pure perfection. Maneater is from the I'm The One Collection, released February of this year. It is a cherry red lipstick with a true matte finish that is long-lasting.

I've heard some comments about how it rivals MAC's Ruby Woo and I must say that I agree. I would describe this red as perfect, as it is neither too warm nor too cool. It is very pigmented and stays put. I can definitely attest to this as I have been able to drink an entire cup of hot tea and manage to still have the brightest red lips. Maneater to me is a true red that will look good with any skintone. It is a vibrant red that will brighten any complexion and add that extra "umph" to your look, no matter what time of day or season. Although it is matte, it is not drying on the lips. I've read complaints about how it tugs a bit when you apply it, and it does, but I think that goes for any kind of matte lipstick. However, once you get over that initial swipe, it warms up pretty quickly and from there, application is a breeze. This for me is a must-have in any girls' collection. If you're going to buy a red lipstick, make it Maneater ;)

Maneater retails for $24 here in the US. Illamasqua is sold at Bloomingdales and select Sephora locations (but available online).

Yes, I have blue hair >__<

17 March 2014

Swatch | NARS Blush in Douceur

Apart from lipstick, I also like to hoard blushers. A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to buy Illamasqua's Maneater as a little treat for myself. Who doesn't need another red lipstick right? By the way, the swatch for that will be up soon. I had to order Maneater online since they no longer had it at Sephora. I'm not sure how this happened, but I somehow convinced myself that I needed to order something else so that I could qualify for free shipping and save money. On that particular day, that made sense to me.

I really didn't know what to get so I decided on a new blusher. But then I didn't know which blusher to get so I perused through Steffi's blog to see if I could get any ideas. I stumbled upon her August Favorites and fell in love with her description of Douceur. I had to have it so it went right in my cart.

The blush retails for $30 at Sephora and I honestly didn't realize until now just how expensive it is. I mean for blush, really? I was on something else that day I purchased this...

I like to think of Douceur as a happy medium between pink and brown. It's not quite peach either, though it looks like it in the picture above. I've been using it everyday for the past couple of weeks and I've found that it works really well for contoruing. To me, it looks much more natural than actual contouring powder. It's also long lasting on my oily skin, which is always a plus. I give this blusher 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

04 March 2014

February Catch-up

Okay, yah I know, it's now March. But lots of fun things happened last month so I thought I'd share with you all. I have been on social media hiatus for a week now so those who normally follow me on Twitter might be curious as to what's being going on lately... or maybe not.

Regardless, I thought I'd let you all in on the latest with me.

On Valentine's Day, I attended my cousin's wedding at Admiral Baker Clubhouse. It was on a Friday so I of course had to leave work early and since I had to leave early, I decided I'd go into work barefaced. It's a rarity for me to go anywhere where I know I'll be seeing people without any kind of make-up on. 

Fortunately, my skin was really good that day and I didn't have too much to cover up. The no-eyebrow thing was still a little weird though.

Our HR left some goodies for us in the break room for Valentine's Day that included candy and bananas... which had romantic(?) messages written on them...

Photo credit: Jorge @motoridersd

I didn't plan out what my make-up would be, but I knew I wanted some kind of green on my eyes because there was green on my dress. I was going to do an EOTD/FOTD post, but I was running out of time. I left my house at the perfect time and had I stayed just a few minutes longer to take better pictures, I would've been late. This was the best I could do and you can't even see my eyeshadow... -__-